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Hotel Photography
The photo-shooting of your hotel is probably one of the most important areas for the promotion of your business and the space in which your prospective customers will stay. It is a very demanding area on the photography sector, that needs specialized technical knowledge and the necessary photographic equipment in order to achieve the desired result. Your hotel photographer should have relevant experience on the architectural and hotel photography as well as on the creation of the appropriate lighting, so that your hotel can be competitive and attractive to visitors. Moreover, the photographing of your hotel should not focus exclusively on the architectural photography of the interior and the exterior spaces of your accommodation but also on the services that your hotel can offer, such as the photographing of the breakfast or the restaurant and the hotel activities on which the visitors may spend their time.Finally, what we offer from our side, apart from the photo-shooting of your hotel, is the filming of your hotel unit with professional equipment of high definition, with steady cam, rail and drone, as well as panoramic 360° photography and aerial photography. Taking all the above into consideration along with the appropriate equipment and the necessary experience, we will do our best to promote your accommodation, both in websites and in printed form.Feel free to navigate through the image gallery for the exterior and interior architecture samples and promote your business with a professional photo shoot.

My Portfolio

Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from over the years. Take a look around and see if my style fits with what you are looking for. I’d love to work with you.

Aqua Luxury Suites

1878 Prive

White Cave 1906

Aeifos Traditional Houses



Anemoscope Wind Mill

Aqua Villa

Blue Waves

Caldera Houses

Caldera Memories

Cycladic Island

Donkey Farm

Dream Houses

Elia Villa

Erofili House



Hotel Naxia

Insolito Villa

Kalestesia Suites