IMAGING PICTURES is an architectural photographic company, run by Ioannis Pananakis, a hotel photographer with over 18 years of experience and extensive background in the industry of architecture and advertising photography. He earned his diploma as Technician Photographer from Pythagoras School of Photography in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Ioannis is a self-motivated and progress-driven exterior and interior photographer and throughout the course of his career, he has honed his photography and editing abilities in an effective and motivational way. He has excellent skills in planning and collaborative work, is capable of prioritising and managing complex projects with proficiency, while being open-minded and focused on new developments.

Ioannis was born in Thessaloniki and his first involvement in photography started from a very young age, mostly because of his father who is also a photographer in still life, furniture and hotel photography. Back then in the film and slide world, he learned the importance of lighting and how to use it to capture a space, room or building in an appealing way. From then on, the hotel and architecture photography became his passion. He cooperates with many hotels, resorts and villas, in Greece and worldwide.